Snow White

Date:2019-05-20      Source:National Centre for the Performing Arts

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Venue: Theatre
Dates: May 30—June 02, 2019


The NCPA has assemble an international team and spared no efforts to produce the NCPA Children’s opera Snow White. Skillfully rearranged by the librettist CAI Jiahan, the classic fairy tale has its characters come on the opera stage. NCPA resident composer CAI Dongzhen has written dozens of melodic and catchy music melodies for the opera, making every character look more-rounded. With the production team under his leadership, Swiss director and set designer Stephan Grögler creates a space of imagination for children audiences while paying homage to this classic in a modern, symbolic and cartoon-like stage style.

Composer: CAI Dongzhen
Playwright: CAI Jiahan
Conductor: YUAN Ding
Director/Set Designer: Stephan Grögler
Costume Designer: Véronique Seymat
Lighting Designer: SUN Nanpu
Video Projection Designer: HU Tianji
Hair Designers: Véronique Seymat, QI Na

Snow White (Soprano): ZHANG Wenqin●/CHENG Wenhui
Queen (Mezzo-soprano): NIU Shasha/HU Yue
The Prince (Tenor): WANG Kai●/HAN Junyu
The know-it-all(Baritone): WANG Hexiang●/ZHAO Denghui
Magic Mirror(Bass): HUANG Yanming
The Little Fool(Tenor): ZHU He
A Barrel of Laughs(Soprano): WANG Le
The Coward(Tenor): ZHU Yizhang
The Foodie(Mezzo-soprano): WANG Xiaomin
The drowsy-head(Bass): HOU Liwei
The Madman(Baritone): YIN Yue
● stands for NCPA Resident Singer


NCPA children’s opera Snow White is adapted from a well-known story in Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Snow White, the princess of the Rainbow Kingdom, is so pure and kind-hearted that her stepmother (the Queen) is jealous of her beauty. Her stepmother asks a hunter to kill Snow White. The hunter fools the Queen with a porcine heart and sets Snow White free. Snow White flees in a hurry into the Starlight Forest, where seven dwarves, who make a living by mining gems, take her in with the best of intentions. Learning from the magic mirror that Snow White remains alive, the Queen gets exasperated. She disguises herself and comes to the seven dwarves’ home in an attempt to kill Snow White with a cursed silk ribbon. The seven dwarves rescue Snow White. However, Snow White wants to leave for fear that she would get the seven dwarves into trouble, but the dwarves make her stay, and they live in greater harmony with each other. Plot frustrated, the Queen cheats Dopey, the youngest of the seven dwarves, into poisoning Snow White, who doesn’t wake up anymore after eating the poisoned apple. The dwarves make a crystal sarcophagus with colourful gems that they have collected for many years, and protect Snow White’s body with a crystal sarcophagus to keep her alive.

Many years later, the prince of the Thunder Kingdom tramps over mountains and through ravines with the power of love, arriving at the Starlight Forest, where he falls in love with the sleeping Snow White at first sight. The seven dwarves tell the handsome and lovestruck prince how nice and lovely Snow White is. The prince cannot help lifting Snow White out of the crystal sarcophagus, and Snow White expectorates the poisoned apple, coming to life. She falls in love with the prince.

Harvesting love, Snow White becomes more beautiful, and the Queen breaks the mirror in despair, and turned into a crazy old woman. The curse is finally lifted. After a storm comes a calm. Snow White and the prince are ushering in a happy tomorrow, and the seven dwarves continue living happily in the Starlight Forest.


CAI Dongzhen

CAI Jiahan

Stephan Grögler
Stage Director

Véronique Seymat
Costume Designer

SUN Nanpu
Lighting Designer

HU Tianji
Video Projection Designer


Beijing Symphony Orchestra