NCPA Opera Turandot

Date:2019-06-21      Source:National Centre for the Performing Arts

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Venue: Opera House

Dates: June 20 - 23, 2019


The NCPA opera Turandot is the first western opera the NCPA launched since its inauguration. Puccini Festival Foundation, as the specially invited partner in the NCPA's production, has rendered full support from opera creation to rehearsal. HAO Weiya, the Chinese young composer, entrusted by NCPA, becomed the third composer of the world and also the first Chinese artist to complete Puccini's Turandot. In the NCPA production, Chinese composer HAO Weiya gave a fresh and original 18-minute finale, making him the third one to finish the ending of Turandot in the world.

Ending aria by HAO Weiya
Conductor: LÜ Jia
Visual Director / Set Designer: GAO Guangjian
Costume Designers: MO Xiaomin, WU Junxi
Lighting Designer: Vladimir Lukasevich
Make-up Designer: ZHAO He
Chorus Master: JIAO Miao

Turandot: SUN Xiuwei / Maida Hundeling
Calaf: Warren Mok / Amadi Lagha
Liu: YAO Hong / Ekaterina Bakanova
Timur: GUAN Zhijing ●
Ping: ZHANG Yang ●
Pang: KOU Jing ●
Peng: JIN Zhengjian ●
Herald: YANG Yi
Emperor: ZHANG Shibo ▲
Princess Louling: YIN Shuo
The Featherman: WANG Zheng

● stands for NCPA Resident Singer
▲ stands for NCPA Chorus Member


Turandot depicts a love story of mystery. Turandot, she is a most beautiful Chinese Princess, but coldhearted. And she stipulates that any prince seeking to marry her must answer three riddles - and if he fails, he will be sentenced to death. Three poor princes have unfortunately lost their lives. Calaf, the prince of Tartary who is in exile in China, smitten with the princess's beauty, determines to win her as his bride and answers all the questions correctly. However, Princess Turandot refuses to accept defeat. Calaf generously offers Turandot a riddle of his own: if she can learn his name by dawn, he will forfeit his life. Princess Turandot captures the father of the prince and his maid Liù and extorts a confession from them by torture. Liù kills herself to keep the secret. Liù's death gives coldhearted Turandot a great shock. At dawn, Turandot still has no idea of the prince's name. Calaf forces Turandot to kiss him and melts her icy heart and finally tells her his real name. Yet Princess Turandot does not announce the prince's real name. O n the contrary, she announces to the public that she will marry the prince and his name is Love.


HAO Weiya
Ending Aria Composer

LÜ Jia

CHEN Xinyi
Stage Director

GAO Guangjian
Set Designer

MO Xiaomin
Costume Designer

WU Junxi
Costume Designer

Vladimir Lukasevich
Light Designer

Make-up Designer

Chorus Master


SUN Xiuwei
as Turandot
(Jun. 20, 22)

Maida Hundeling
as Turandot
(Jun. 21, 23)

Warren Mok
as Calaf
(Jun. 20, 22)

Amadi Lagha
as Calaf (Jun. 21, 23)

YAO Hong
as Liù
(Jun. 20, 22)

Ekaterina Bakanova
as Liù
(Jun. 21, 23)

GUAN Zhijing
as Timur
(All dates)

as Ping
(All dates)

KOU Jing
as Pang (All dates)

JIN Zhengjian
as Peng (All dates)

as Herald
(All dates)

YIN Shuo
as Princess Louling
(All dates)

WANG Zheng
as The Featherman
(All dates)


China NCPA Chorus

China NCPA Orchestra