Jane Eyre

Date:2019-07-22      Source:National Centre for the Performing Arts

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Venue: Theatre

Dates: July 26 - August 03, 2019


Silent piano, dusty suitcase...Under the spotlight, Jane Eyre in a gray dress enters the stage like a still life painting. In the misty fog of England, the lady, standing outside the gate of Thornfield Manor, unintentionally starts the destiny engine of everyone in this ancient manor...

In June 2009, the NCPA drama Jane Eyre was premiered. This was the first version of this literary classic Charlotte Bronte on the Chinese drama stage, with famous WANG Xiaoying as director and YU Rongjun as playwright. Original poetry and agile stage vocabulary help tens of thousands of audiences immerse into the 160-minute performance to run through the whole storyline and be moved by true love again.

From the premiere in early 2009 to the sophistication in 2019, the drama has been not only presented at the NCPA for several rounds, but also has been invited to hold the spotlight at the Beijing People’s Art Theatre and National Theatre of China. National tour of Jane Eyre swept Shanghai, Chongqing, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Fuzhou and other places. Actresses YUAN Quan, CHEN Shu and ZHU Jie also dedicate the important time of their lives to this elegant, independent and strong-willed English woman.

The year of 2019 coincides with the 10th anniversary of the premiere of the drama Jane Eyre. As the first NCPA drama, Jane Eyre adds luster to the NCPA for over a decade. From July 26th to August 3rd, 2019, it will be presented once again in the form of the 10th Anniversary Commemorative Performance, with a view to reviving the classic and touching the people. Moreover, the NCPA Drama Ensemble, which has successfully presented many dramas by Shakespeare, will once again add a brilliant touch to this classic work.


Executive Presenter: WANG Ning
Artistic Director: XU Xiaozhong

Playwright: YU Rongjun
Stage Director: WANG Xiaoying
Stage Designer: LIU Kedong
Lighting Designer: XING Xin
Costume Designer: GAI Yan
Make-up Designer: ZHAO He
Props Designer: WANG Pu
Sound Designer: ZHOU Tao
Duputy Directors: SHE Nanan, YUAN Jinhong

Leading Cast: YUAN Quan, WANG Luoyong


Jane Eyre, who prefers a life of solitude, comes to Thornfield Manor to serve as a tutor of the manor master Rochester's adopted daughter after she graduates from boarding school. Thornfield Manor is a mystery place, but this does not get in the way for Jane Erye to have the quiet teaching life she wants until the day when Rochester, who has traveled away from home, unexpectedly arrives. Everything starts to change. Rochester, a man with a gloomy and moody character, is quickly attracted to Jane for her purity. Though with different social status and different past (one with a tragic childhood and the other with an unfortunate marriage), Jane and Rochester fall in love with each other, although they both seem indifferent at first. At the wedding, Jane Eyre discovers that Rochester's wife is not dead. Instead, she is mad and is imprisoned in the manor. Astonished, Jane decides to leave. With the help from a clergyman, she gets a new job as village teacher. At last, the clergyman proposes to Jane, which makes her realize that she is still in love with Rochester. So Jane desperately returns to Thornfield Manor, only to find out that it has long been in ruins, and that Rochester has become blind. After so many hardships, they finally reunite on the ruins, and the music that Jane plays brings back their bittersweet memories of the past and awakens their love for each other.


WANG Xiaoying
Stage Director

YU Rongjun

LIU Kedong
Set Designer

Lighting Designer


as Jane Eyre

WANG Luoyong
as Rochester