The Dawns Here Are Quiet

Date:2019-07-29      Source:National Centre for the Performing Arts

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Venue: Opera House

Dates: August 03, 2019


Composer: TANG Jianping
Librettist: WAN Fang
Conductor: LÜ Jia
Stage Director: WANG Xiaoying
Film Director: TENG Junjie

Vaskov: ZHANG Yang
Rita Osyanina: XU Xiaoying
Zhenka Komelkowa: WANG Hongyao
Lisa Britschkina: LI Xintong
Sonia Gurvich: ZHANG Zhuo
Galja Chetvertak: LIU Lian

Language: Chinese
Year: 2018
Producer: China National Centre for the Performing Arts
Presenters: NCPA Resident Artists, NCPA Chorus and Orchastra


During World War II, a group of female soldiers in the Soviet Union guard the important railway facilities under the command of Warrant Officer Vaskov. Among them are simple and kind Lisa, brilliant Sonia, visionary Galya, smart and pretty Zhenya, and sophisticated and, capable Rita whose young hearts yearn for the future and happiness.

One day, Rita, on her way back to the garrison from where her son lives, spots two German soldiers in the woods. Having been informed in advance, Vaskov judges that the German soldiers must be attempting to destroy the railway facilities, thus he hastens to intercept the enemy with five female soldiers.

Vaskov and the soldiers go through the woods and marshes, and manage to arrive at a hill before dark, where they wait to ambush the enemy. However, as the quiet dawn breaks, sixteen well-armed German soldiers burst into view in the daylight at the foot of the hill. Because of the unforeseen circumstances, Vaskov has no choice but to send Lisa back to the garrison to request reinforcements. Unfortunately, the messenger Lisa gets stuck in the morass in a hurry and loses her life.

Helplessly, Vaskov and the female soldiers fight a decisive battle against the German soldiers. One after another, the female soldiers resolutely lay down their lives, and finally win the battle.

The sorrowful dawn is still quiet, yet five pretty young souls are sleeping on their beloved land till the end of time...