Date:2019-10-21      Source:National Centre for the Performing Arts

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Venue: Theatre

Dates: October 23- 27, 2019


Conductor: Rico Saccani
Director / Set Designer / Costume Designer: Hugo De Ana
Lighting Designer: Vinicio Cheli
Projection Designer: Sergio Metalli
Chorus Master: Attilio Tomasello

Manrico (Tenor): Carlo Ventre / Josif Gjipali
Leonora (Soprano): Maria Agresta / SUN Xiuwei
Il Conte di Luna (Baritone): Marco Caria / Alfredo Daza
Azucena (Mezzo-Soprano): Marianne Cornetti / NIU Shasha
Ferrando (Bass): Giorgio Giuseppini / GUAN Zhijing ●
Ines (Soprano): WANG Jing
Ruiz (Tenor): KOU Jing ●
An old gypsy: ZHANG Yang △
Messenger: CAO Ruidong △

● stands for NCPA Resident Singer
△ stands for NCPA Chorus member


In the 15th century, the Spanish feudal lords impose brutal persecution for Gypsies. Counte di Luna's father once burned an old Gypsy woman to death at the stake for witchcraft. In revenge, Azucena, the dead Gypsy's daughter, steals Counte di Luna's younger brother in his infancy. Many years later, Counte di Luna falls in love with the royal female officer Leonora, but the girl deeply loves Manrico. In a duel between the two brothers, Manrico is wounded despite victory, and he is fortunately rescued by her mother Azucena. When Manrico and Leonora prepare for their wedding, Counte di Luna captures Azucena and vows to burn her to death. Manrico is arrested when rescuing his mother. But then he is released at the price of Leonora sacrificed to Counte di Luna. However, in order to safeguard her innocence, Manrico takes poison and dies in Manrico's arms. In a rage, Counte di Luna orders to execute Manrico to death. Witnessing the end of the execution, Azucena tells Counte di Luna that Manrico is actually his younger brother. Azucena finally avenges her mother.


Hugo de Ana
Stage Director/Set Designer/Costume Designer

Vinicio Cheli
Lighting Designer

Sergio Metalli
Projection Designer

Attilio Tomasello
Chorus Master


Rico Saccani


Carlo Ventre
as Manrico (Oct. 23, 25, 27)

Josif Gjipali
as Manrico (Oct. 24, 26)

Maria Agresta
as Leonora (Oct. 23, 25, 27)

SUN Xiuwei
as as Leonora (Oct. 24, 26)

Marco Caria
as Il Conte di Luna (Oct. 23, 25, 27)

Alfredo Daza
as Il Conte di Luna (Oct. 24, 26)

Marianne Cornetti
as Azucena (Oct. 23, 25, 27)

NIU Shasha
as Azucena (Oct. 24, 26)

Giorgio Giuseppini
as Ferrando (Oct. 23, 25, 27)

GUAN Zhijing
as Ferrando (Oct. 24, 26)

as Ines (All dates)

KOU Jing
as Ruiz (All dates)


China NCPA Chorus

Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra