China Broadcasting Orchestra

Date:2019-02-01      Source:National Centre for the Performing Arts

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  • China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra
  • China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra

Venue: Multi-functional Theatre

Dates: February 15, 2019


Music: ZHAO Jiping
National Orchestra National Customs
Music: YANG Nailin
Peking Opera and Band Ode to Pear Blossoms
Music: HE Zhanhao, CHEN Gang
Transplantation: ZHANG Dasen
Violin Concerto The Butterfly Lovers
Violinist: LI Yuhe
Music: ZHANG Chao
National Orchestra Song of the Wind
Music: WANG Danhong
Banhu Concerto Strum, selected from the national orchestral suite Shanxi Impression
Banhu Player: JIANG Kemei
Music: PENG Xiuwen
Fantasia Qin·Terra-Cotta Warriors



ZHANG Lie is a member of the Chinese Musicians Association, Director of China Chinese Orchestra Society, Vice Secretary-General of China Conductor Committee and also a Chinese A-list conductor.

ZHANG Lie is a permanent conductor of the China Film Symphony Orchestra, as well as China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra. He is also a composer of the Creation Studio of the orchestras. He has been appointed the Artistic Director for Guangdong Chinese Orchestra, Zhejiang Chinese Orchestra and Henan Chinese Orchestra, as well as Artistic Director and Guest Conductor for many famous orchestras, such as Central Conservatory of Music, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Taipei Municipal Chinese Classical Orchestra and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

ZHANG Lie graduated from Xi'an Conservatory of Music in 1984 and pursued further studies at the Conducting Department of Central Conservatory of Music. He attended the German Conductor Master Class and received guidance and affirmation from Professor Baum.

He has visited many countries and regions, including Europe, the United States, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. He has created almost a hundred works in orchestral, ballet, film music, Chinese orchestral music, concerto and vocal, and won many awards. His percussion concerto Random Thoughts of Guan Mountain has become the repertoire of Chinese orchestras in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. His major recent works are the symphonic Song of the Wind and Everlasting Regret, the film Dumb Mama and Village of the Sour Jujube, the Chinese orchestral music Let It Go, Fantasia Little Balang, the multiple percussion Boat Tracker of Yellow River and Women General of Yang Family. Among them, the Fantasia Little Balang won First Prize in the national competition while Boat Tracker of Yellow River won Golden Prize of the national competition.

ZHANG Lie’s conducting style is detailed and clear, deep and passionate. He is good at accurately grasping and creatively displaying the connotation of works.

“Chinese Conductor Mr. ZHANG Lie not only has a deep understanding of the style and characteristics of Chinese musical instruments, but also has his unique interpretation of music. When conducting on the stage, he is a soul figure who balances the music and grasps the whole atmosphere, so the audience are able to enter a rich and changeable, deep and unfathomable musical world,” a British critic commented.


LI Yuhe Violinist

LI Yuhe, a young violinist who studied in Europe, was born in a family of musicians. She is teaching violin and chamber music in the Orchestral Department of the China Conservatory of Music. She graduated as a violinist with a Master’s degree from Berlin University of the Arts, and was rated as a Beijing Top Young Talent, the highest-level violinist with a PhD degree from the Historique de l'Ecole Normale de Musique.

She won the highest honour award and the first place in the 52nd Léopold Bellan French International Violin Competition, the second place in the Virtuoso International Violin Competition in London, third place in the Osaka International Violin Competition in Japan, first place of string music in the Austria International Youth Music Competition and first honourary prize of the French Rampal Vatlot Violin Competition.
As a soloist, LI Yuhe cooperated with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Hamburg New Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra, the Peruvian National Symphony Orchestra, Indonesian Jakarta National Symphony Orchestra, and Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra in concerto concerts. The conductors she has cooperated with are: José Serebrier, Ulrich Windfuhr, Wilson Ng, HUANG Feili, SHAO En, HU Yongyan, YANG Yang, JING Huan, etc. She has had many recitals and performances held in many world-renowned concert halls and venues, such as the Musikverein, Paris La Salle Cortot, Royal Albert Hall, Amsterdam Royal Concertgebouw, Pierre Cardin Theatre in Paris, Toronto Centre for the Arts, Grand National Theatre of Peru, Japan Takacuki Modern Concert Hall, Hungarian Carl Flesch Concert Hall, Beijing Concert Hall, Forbidden City Concert Hall, Tianjin Grand Theatre, Beijing National Library Arts Centre, the NCPA, etc.

In June 2016, she was granted an interview as an outstanding young artist with former Chinese Deputy Prime Minister LIU Yandong and former French Prime Minister Raffarin. Since 2016, her recital tour concerts have been held and well received in Beijing National Library Arts Center, Beijing Concert Hall, Shanghai HE Lüting Concert Hall, Shenzhen Concert Hall, Tianjin Grand Theatre, Harbin Grand Theatre, Zhongshan Culture & Art Center, etc. She also held a series of lectures and public classes at the Art Data Centre of the NCPA, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, and Nanjing University.

Her albums that have been released are the album Overtone published by DR Classics in 2015 and the album Chinese Classical Violin Works Collection published by the People's Music Publishing House in 2018.

LI Yuhe has been a guest performer and cultural commentator for many times to record CCTV music channel (CCTV-15) programmes Music Is Wonderful, Music and Life, Beijing TV 2019 Spring Festival Gala Special Show, etc.

In 2018, the BTV Youth Channel (BTV-8) programme International Double Lines - My Amazing Lessons recorded an exclusive interview with LI Yuhe, which became the only personal interview in the history of the programme.

Now she uses the famous 1760 Gennero Gagliano and the fiddlestick 1890 James Tubbs.

JIANG Kemei Huqin Player

JIANG Kemei is a Chinese huqin player, honourary chief of China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra, Chinese first-class performer, Guest Professor of Central Conservatory of Music and Executive Director of China Nationalities Orchestra Society. She enjoys a special allowance granted by the State Council.

After graduating from middle school attached to Shenyang Conservatory of Music and Central Conservatory of Music, JIANG studied with Chinese famous huqin performers, including Professor XU Shilong and Professor LI Heng. She studied huqin musical instruments very systematically, and learned to play the banhu, jinghu, erhu, gaohu and zhonghu, (which all belong to the huqin family).

JIANG lays special emphasis on innovating huqin performance and developing her elegant, exquisite and graceful performance style. She has held personal huqin recitals successfully in Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Osaka, etc. She held huqin recital in Carnegie Recital Hall in 2008 successfully. She has cooperated with dozens of orchestras, such as the China Philharmonic Orchestra, China National Symphony Orchestra, Russian State Symphony Orchestra, Ottawa Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, China National Traditional Orchestra, Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Macao Chinese Orchestra and Taipei Chinese Orchestra. She also works together with other conductors. She succeeds in premieres of excellent works, including Beijing Impressions, Overlook, Farewell to My Concubine and In that Distant Place.

JIANG has been invited to give huqin recitals of different types in various international art festivals, such as Cannes International Film Festival, Prague Spring International Music Festival, Italy Michelangeli International Music Festival, Belgrade International Arts Festival and Macao International Music Festival and in different famous theatres such as Goldener Saal Wiener Musikvereins, The Kennedy Centre, Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts, the United Nations General Assembly Hall, Konzerthaus Berlin and Sydney Opera House. She performed in more than 40 countries. She boasts of a widespread reputation around the globe.

She has participated in different domestic major performances and recordings, such as “CCTV Spring Festival Gala”, “Spring Festival Song and Dance Party”, “Spring Festival Opera Party”, “Spring Festival Gala of Ministry of Culture”, “Cultural Show for the 60th Year Anniversary for the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and Russia”, “Cultural Show for the 30th Anniversary of Normalization of Democratic Relations between China and Japan” and “Gala for Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games 2018.”

She has created such works as Red Peach Blossom and Girl from Mountainous Area. She has published many albums, including Beijing Impressions, Chinese Banhu and Emotional String of Huqin. She also recorded many music programmes for domestic and foreign TV stations, radio stations and record companies. She recorded huqin accompanying music for such films and TV series as Not One Less, The Road Home and Drawing Sword. She also presented numerous TV works that exert influence on national instrumental music circles, among which, Concubine Yu, Spring Dawn and Both Banks of Hanjiang River were conferred with golden award of “the 2nd, the 3rd and 5th National City TV Programmes Contest.”


China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra

Founded in 1949, China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra has achieved remarkable results, enjoying outstanding popularity at home and abroad.

Over the past 60-plus years, thanks to the active advocacy and unremitting efforts of Mr. PENG Xiuwen, a world-renowned conductor and composer in China, the orchestra has taken the lead in establishing a basic framework unique to Chinese orchestras, comprising bowed stringed instruments, plucked stringed instruments, wind instruments and percussion instruments. It has contributed significantly to the continuous development and improvement of Chinese traditional orchestras.

The orchestra has carried out rich and colorful art activities and given diversified performances. It boasts a large repertoire when holding the stage. It has played and recorded thousands of works for films, TV and radio programmes, tapes and CDs. Numerous artists have been cultivated by the orchestra, including many world-famous conductors, composers and performers.

As a well-known art brand of Chinese music and a symbol of Chinese culture, the orchestra has visited more than 70 countries and regions, making unremitting efforts to promote cultural exchanges and friendship with other countries and present Chinese culture and art to the world with amazing results.