Graffiti walls built for community governance in Shijingshan


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A group of graffiti walls debuted at Sijiyuan Community of Babaoshan Subdistrict in Shijingshan District of Beijing recently. The walls are highly praised for a remarkable function of preventing small advertisements in the community as well as beautifying community environment, and they has become a good attempt of community governance in Shijingshan District.

The Sijiyuan Community, a typical old community, used to suffer a lot from small advertisements and have the problems like aging walls and stuff piled in corridors.

To address those problems, the idea of building graffiti walls was born at an assembly hall in the neighborhood committee office of the community. The hall is the place where the committee and residents discuss problems together so that the government can listen to the opinions of residents and residents can also give suggestions about community governance.

According to Ni Huijuan, Party secretary of Babaoshan Subdistrict, after seeking advices from residents, the subdistrict decided to adopt an unusual way to beautify the community and invite art masters and residents to work together on those graffiti walls.

“As a unique landscape in the community, the graffiti walls arouse our ownership awareness. Now those annoying small advertisements have disappeared at the community and we feel happy on our way home every day,” a resident Su Lianying said happily.

Next, the Shijingshan District plans to carry out a flexible working system for community workers to do a better job on providing convenience services at communities. In the future, a community-wide response service mechanism will be implemented to provide 24-hour services for residents.