Beijing to use social credit system to address subway behavior

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When it comes to improper behavior on the subway, Beijing has had enough. City officials announced plans to crackdown on passengers who use extra seats or eat food, using China's new social credit system.

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation (BMCT) released revisions on its code of conduct for subway passengers Thursday, proposing that "uncivilized" behavior would be added to individual credit information.

China has developed an extensive social credit system, aimed at punishing those with bad credit scores by limiting their travel or publicly shaming them. People with bad social credit scores could be prohibited from flying or traveling on a high-speed train.

The proposed BMCT revisions include new passenger rules to the list of "uncivilized behavior." Using extra seats, eating, and promoting and conducting sales transactions will be added to the list.

The revisions have not been finalized. The BMCT will seek public opinion on the proposed regulations through May 11.

The move follows recent debates about bad behaviors on public transportation after videos of passengers engaging in such behavior were posted online.