Beijing to better protect cultural heritage with 5-yr plan

Source:china daily

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Historic buildings that have been occupied by items at the Summer Palace will have those articles completely moved out before the end of 2022 to better protect the city's cultural heritage.

Some ancient sites at the park, like Xigong Gate, an office for military emergencies in ancient times, will see their contents gradually moved out to restore the original appearance of the historical landmark, according to a five-year action plan on the protection of the Beijing Grand Canal Cultural Heritage released by the Beijing Municipal Government on Thursday.

The renovation of Wanshou Temple in the capital's Haidian district will also be strengthened to further improve its surrounding environment, according to the plan. The construction will be completed before the end of next year.

Wang Yingjie, a senior official at the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, the city's economic planner, said the capital plans to use the opportunity to play a bigger role as the National Cultural Center to concentrate more cultural resources.

"We will explore more ways to protect the city's cultural heritage as a whole and provide the public with a more eco-friendly landscape," she said.

Tongzhou district, the capital subcenter, will also soon apply to become a national AAAAA-level attraction, the highest rating for a tourist destination in China.

Three public cultural facilities, including a subdivision of the Capital Museum, a library as well as a theater, will be constructed as landmark buildings along the Grand Canal in Beijing to showcase achievements in the protection and construction of the Grand Canal cultural belt.