Yanqi Lake Entrepreneur Forum 2019 to be held in Beijing on Oct 28

Date:2019-10-28      Source:china daily

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Titled "Brighten and Purify the Heart-mind to Achieve Greatness," the Yanqi Lake Entrepreneur Forum 2019 will be held at the Beijing Huairou Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center for the third time from Oct 28 to Nov 3.

4,000 elite attendees, including entrepreneurs, scholars, and representatives from all industries will attend the forum. Nearly 5 million participants will also join the program via its online learning portal, while the livestreaming of the first days of the forum will attract an estimated 500 to 800 million views.

Centered on the essence of Chinese culture, the forum will showcase the benefits of Chinese culture in multiple ways. According to the organizer, Beijing Huairou Non-profit ZS Cultural Promotion Center or ZS Institute, the forum will offer three solutions, including enterprise, family development and personal growth solutions, demonstrating the power of Chinese culture to the world.