Beijing Lowers Public Health Emergency Response to Level Three

Date:2020-06-06      Source:Beijing Foreign Affairs Office

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As of June 6th, Beijing has lowered its public health emergency response level from level two to level three, and the relevant prevention and control measures have been adjusted accordingly.

Measures still in place after response level lowered:

1. Passengers who enter China via international flights to Beijing must undergo screening (including nucleic acid testing) before departure and take nucleic acid test upon arrival, and they shall be subject to isolation management. Generally, all overseas arrivals entering the city should be placed under medical observation in designated facilities.

2. Overseas arrivals and people coming to Beijing from medium- and high-risk areas in China should still undergo a 14-day observation in isolation and take nucleic acid test. COVID-19 patients discharged from hospital in Beijing need to go through a 14-day observation in designated facilities. Strict community entry control measures will be maintained, such as checking residents’ entry passes and non-residents’ health code on Health Kit (Jian Kang Bao) as well as filling out entry registration forms.

3. Prevention and control measures for public transport, taxi and long-distance road passenger transport services will continue.

4. The health code on Health Kit will continue to serve as an entry pass. People with a green code showing “No Abnormal Conditions” may enter office buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, stores, factories, construction sites, parks, scenic spots, cultural facilities, and fitness centers.

5. Bring mask with you when going out and wear it when necessary. Wearing mask is required for people under high-risk exposure, such as those working in medical institutions, ports of entry, quarantine  facilities, etc.; people who go to hospital for treatment and their companions, caregivers and visitors; people with fever, cough and other symptoms; those who go to populated and ill-ventilated indoor public places and who take public transport vehicles.

Measures relaxed in an orderly way based on the extensive use of Health Kit:

1. Restrictions are lifted for people entering Beijing by air, railway, or road from Hubei, including Wuhan, but not medium and high-risk places.

2. People who come to Beijing from Hubei (including Wuhan) no longer need to go through a 14-day observation at home or in designated facilities, and ongoing quarantine on such people is lifted. People from Wuhan with negative nucleic acid test result no longer need to take a second nucleic acid test when they come to Beijing; but such test is mandatory for those without negative result of such test.

3. Taking body temperature is no longer required for people entering a residential community. Service personnel such as couriers delivering parcels or takeout food, housekeepers, home renovation workers and home movers, real estate agents and other non-resident personnel may enter residential communities after showing the green code status on the Health Kit. Indoor and outdoor community/village fitness and cultural facilities may reopen in an orderly way.

4. Enterprises providing daily life services with full sanitation and epidemic control measures in place may resume normal operation.

5. Domestic group travel will be resumed in due time, but cross-border group travel will remain on hold pending further notice.

6. Indoor public places, such as parks, tourist attractions, sports and fitness centers, libraries, museums, art galleries will reopen, with the number of visitors limited to within 50% of the capacity. This limit may be adjusted as called for.

7. Provided that they strictly fulfill their responsibilities in terms of disinfection, ventilation, temperature check, health code check, social distancing, ensure that masks are used properly and have well-prepared contingency plans, event organizers may host conferences, exhibitions, sports events, and performances of proper sizes.

8. All teachers and students in primary schools as well as junior and senior middle schools and in colleges and universities may return to school in an orderly way. Wearing mask indoor is still recommended; but this restriction may be lifted if evaluation over a period of time permits. Wearing mask is not required during outdoor activities and physical exercises.

9. With strict observance of disinfection, ventilation, health monitoring and social distancing requirements, wearing mask is no longer required for meetings.

10. People from places other than medium and high-risk areas may come to Beijing for medical treatment in limited numbers and in an orderly way.