Daxing International Airport - How to get there

Date:2019-08-22      Source:eBeijing.gov.cn

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At the end of September, Beijing Daxing International Airport will open. Nearly 50 kilometers away from Tiananmen Square, the airport is between Yufa town, Lixian town of Daxing district and Langfang, Hebei province.

1. Daxing Airport Railway Line

Line: Caoqiao-Daxing Airport (Phase 1)

Travel Time: 19 minutes

How? Check in right away!

In September, passengers can start from Caoqiao station, located by the south 3rd Ring Road, and reach Floor B2 of the terminal in 19 minutes by Daxing Airport line travelling by 160 kilometers per hour, the fastest railway line at home. Phase 1 of the line spans 41.36 kilometers, including three stations: Daxing Airport, Daxing Xincheng and Caoqiao. Phase 2 starts from Caoqiao to Lize.

Daxing Airport station locates itself at Floor B2 of Comprehensive Transportation Center of North Terminal of the new airport. It forms a pattern of expressway on the top level, Daxing Airport line at the bottom level, Tuanhe Road on the ground, utility tunnel under the ground, and Beijing-Xiong’an Intercity Railway on the west. Passengers, travelling by highspeed railway or airport line, can check in at Floor B1, or enter the terminal building by large elevators or escalators, thus allowing passenger-friendly transfers as well as seamless connectivity of the airside and landside areas.

Transfer? 1 minute!

Being an underground station at the most northward part of Phase 1 of the Daxing Airport railway line, Caoqiao sees a simultaneous integrated construction with Caoqiao station of Line 19. The two lines will have parallel platforms with a transfer distance of 45 meters, taking 1 minute. Meanwhile, they will be connected to Line 10, with a transfer distance of 270 meters, taking 6 minutes.

Convenient? 19 minutes!

Design and decoration of stations of the new airport railway line resonate closely with Belt and Road. Caoqiao represents the continental silk road while Daxing Xincheng stands for maritime silk road. Daxing Airport station halls feature flying ribbons, Chinese red among other elements. Daxing Airport station seamlessly connects the airport and allows transfer to high-speed railway. On a theme of silk road in the air, it embodies Chinese culture along the fastest railway line of the new gateway to the country. The most prominent characteristic of the line is its fast speed, up to 160 kilometers per hour. Average railway lines and the capital airport railway line run at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. It takes only 19 minutes to travel from Caoqiao to Daxing Airport, thus the new airport railway line is equivalent to Fuxing bullet trains.

New airport railway line stands out not only for its fast speed, but also for the user-friendly interior design. The trains are driven by an autopilot system featuring a “6+1+1” pattern, or six regular carriages, one business-class carriage and one for luggage. Seats in VIP carriages are arranged in a “2+1” pattern, regular carriages “2+2”.

Moreover, given passengers’ travel habits, the trains have wider space between seats and enough space in front of seats is reserved for luggage, which will no longer be put beside seats and will not occupy the aisle. Larger lavatories, USB ports installed between seats, automatic curtains, variable-frequency air conditioners and other designs render the new airport railway line more user-friendly.    

2. Expressway

Lines: Beijing Daxing Airport Expressway, Beijing Daxing Airport North Line Expressway

Travel Time: around 30 minutes from south 5th Ring Road to Beijing Daxing International Airport

Stretching about 27 kilometers, Beijing Daxing Airport Expressway has two ways and eight lanes ,and it takes less than 30 minutes driving from south 5th Ring Road to Beijing Daxing International Airport. On July 1, the expressway was put to use, becoming the new bridge and new gateway to the country connecting Beijing with the world, while acting as the new channel linking Beijing with Xiongan New Area, integrating Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. 

Safe and comfortable, convenient and fast, efficient and smart are the key words of the first expressway of the new gateway to the country. With a total length of 23 kilometers, Beijing Daxing Airport Expressway is made of ice-and-snow-melting materials, which can bring down the freezing point of the road to about minus 12 degrees Celsius, helping reduce the impact of inclement weather on the road and securing the safety of passing vehicles to the largest extent. The use of conventional snow-melting agents is greatly reduced, thus protecting the environment and bridge structure and setting the first instance at home. Moreover, certain segments of the expressway are set aside to carry out ice-and-snow-melting experiment so as to seek intelligent solutions dealing with terrible weather. A mobile-internet-based toll system allows for more expeditious passage. A smart management system integrating monitoring systems, big data intelligence analysis, simulation deduction, and electronic sandbox enables the expressway to become a smart highway. 

3. Beijing-Xiongan Intercity Railway

Line: Beijing West Railway Station-Beijing Daxing International Airport

Travel Time: around 20 minutes

Following the operation of Beijing Daxing International Airport, people can take the new airport railway line to the airport from downtown Beijing, while Beijing-Xiongan Intercity railway stands as another available choice.

When the high-speed railway passes beneath the terminal building, its speed can be as fast as 250 kilometers per hour. The form of passage and speed are first of its kind among airports worldwide. The intercity railway is expected to first open its Beijing segment at the end of September, from Beijing West Railway Station to Beijing Daxing International Airport. At a speed of 250 kilometers per hour, the whole journey will take around 20 minutes as estimated. Designed at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, the intercity railway stops at Xiongan, Daxing Airport and Beijing West Railway Station, while passengers in Tianjin and Tangshan are expected to arrive at the terminal building of Daxing Airport via high-speed railway.

Beijing Daxing International Airport spans from Beijing to Hebei. The integrated transportation network of railways and expressways will facilitate the integrated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, while the new airport itself will be the new starting point of the region’s bright future.