Residence Permit for Short-term Work-type Application


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I. Applicant
Foreigners who enter China with a Z visa for completion of short-term work tasks due to the following reasons, and stay within the territory for no more than 90 days:
1. complete a certain work in terms of the technology, scientific research, management and guidance with the domestic partner; 
2. go to the domestic sports institutions for trial training (including coaches and athletes); 
3. make videos (including commercials and documentaries); 
4. attend fashion shows (including car models, print advertisements, etc.); 
5. engage in foreign-related commercial performances; 
6. other circumstances as determined by the human resources and social security department.
II. Application materials and requirements 
Where the foreigners are required to handle the residence procedures within 30 days after entering China as marked in the visa remarks column, and the place of registration of their work entity or the performance organizer and the place of first performance are located in Beijing, they shall, within the specified time limit, take the following materials and go to the exit-entry administration bureau to apply for a residence permit:
1. Valid passport or any other international travel document.
2. Foreigner Visa Application Form completed in black ink, with a recent 2-inch full-face bareheaded colored photo with white background attached.
3. Valid residence registration of the applicant at a local police station or hotel in Beijing.
4. For foreign cultural performance groups and individuals who enter China for the short-term commercial performance, the approval documents issued by the competent cultural authority (the performance group shall also issue a list of actors) and the short-term work certificate in China.
5. If the foreigners enter China for completing other short-term tasks, the employment certificate and work certificate for foreigners issued by the Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Department.
6. Other application materials to be submitted are required by the exit-entry administration bureau as the case may be. 
III. Time limit for application 
Applicants can apply for a work-type residence permit with a stay period of 90 days.
IV. Notes 
1. The interview is required for the first application. Where the applicant plans to defer the residence permit, or belongs to the high-level talents that are needed by the State and specialized talents that are badly needed, the inviter or the relevant specialized service agency may make an application on his/her behalf (providing a copy of the ID card of the agent). However, if the exit-entry administration bureau informs the applicant of the interview, the applicant must accept the interview.
2. For foreigners who enter China with a Z visa, if they have a stay period of 30 days, their visa remarks column should be marked both in Chinese and English like this "工作时间不得超出工作证明所注期限 Allowed to work only within the period of time indicated in the approval ", and the holder shall work within the working period indicated on the work certificate and stay in the stay period indicated in the Z visa, and shall not apply for visa extension and renewal and residence permit.
3. If the foreign actors who have obtained residence permits make a performance at other performance venues in China, the residence procedures will not be handled again.
4. Where the foreigners holding the residence permit are to be employed by the domestic employer after completing the short-term work tasks and their residence permits are still valid, they may apply to the human resources and social security department for consulting and handling the employment procedures.
5. For the persons from the countries that have mutual visa-exemption agreements with China who enter China for completing short-term work tasks, they must obtain a work certificate before entry, and apply for the Z-visa with the above materials at the visa authorities of China stationed abroad.
6. Originals of application materials must be submitted for check with copies thereof retained.
7. The application materials in foreign language (except English) shall be submitted after being translated into Chinese by a qualified translation company.
8. Those that have not canceled China's household registration shall cancel it before applying for a residence permit, and submit the certificate of cancellation issued by the police station when necessary.
9. Those under the age of 18 that apply for a residence permit for the first time in China shall also submit their birth certificates, parents' passports and overseas settlement certificates.
10. For the notes to relevant laws and regulations, please refer to No.23 Notes to the Relevant Laws and Regulations on Foreigners Applying for Visa Documents.