Beijing Government Scholarship-APPLICATION DOCUMENTS

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The applicants must fill in and submit the following documents truly, correctly and completely:

a. Application Form for Beijing Government Scholarship (Applicants shall obtain the form from the Higher Education Institutions or download the form from the website of the targeted HEIs).

b. Notarized highest diploma and transcripts.

c. Foreigner Physical Examination Form should be provided if the duration of study is six months or above.

d. Study plan (no less than 400 words) or research plan (no less than 800 words) in Chinese or English should be submitted for degree or research students.

e. Applicants for music and art are requested to submit the applicants’ own works according to the requirements of the target HEIs.

f. Applicants under 18 should provide legal documents of their legal guardians in China.

g. Please note that application documents will NOT be returned.