Telephone: 8610-65955142-21; Address: 2/F, Main Block of Longbo Square, Chaoyang District.

FLO is the largest catering chain-store groups in France and is also the leading catering group in Europe. Yayuncun FLO restaurant is located in the Central Park of Beichen. It serves pure French home-made dishes. The restaurant covers a business area of over 700m2 with magnificent interior decoration in pure French style. It can serve 200 people at the same time and provide catering for different events such as large banquets, press conferences, business banquets, western wedding banquets, birthday parties, etc.

If you want to enjoy French dishes comfortably, the best way is to go to FLO restaurant. A visitor can immediately feel the strong flavor of France in the 19th century on entry. The decoration, style, facilities and dishes here are almost the copy of French home-made cuisine. Numerous scenery paintings of Paris hanging on the walls reflect the culture background of Paris in early 1820s when trains first became highly used and people of upper-class were very proud of traveling by train as fashion. The graceful copper statue of a classic beauty by the side of the paintings makes the restaurant already emanating nostalgia become more tasteful and elegant.