Telephone: 8610-88374993 Address: Westwards 200m, Zengguang Road, Haidian District Bus: 102, 103, 320 and get off at Ganjiakou Shopping Centers

If you are craving some authentic Beijing cuisine, look no further than the Haiwanju Restaurant with its Black Bean Sauce Noodles of old Beijing, a daily necessity for Beijingers. This restaurant, of typical Chinese style, serves traditional food in a lively Old Beijing atmosphere.

The restaurant's decor is that of a simple eatery in Beijing with wooden tables and pews. The menu is not offered in English which necessitates that some customers may need to point to pictures on the menu or to what other diners are eating. The servers, dressed in either red or blue, are efficient and considerate. They shout across the room to announce customers arriving and leaving. Staple dishes like traditional Beijing-style "za jiang mian" (noodles with black bean sauce) and boiled dumplings are not to be missed.  The handmade noodles are topped with vegetables and salty bean and pork sauce. This is hearty, traditional food and can really fill you up and ward off the sharp northern wind during the winter.

Recommended noodle: noodles with black bean sauce
Other recommendations: Beijing style sausage; boiled hawthorn with syrup and honey


Opening hours: 10:00--22:00