Telephone: 8610-65121992 Address: 2 Chongwenmen Xidajie,Chongwen district Opening hours: 11:00--14:00, 17:00--22:00

Featuring traditional French cuisine including escargot and beef ribs in a red-wine marinade, prawn salad and chilled raspberry mousse, Maxim's de Paris is well-known for its classic style and exceptional service. Perfect for a sophisticated dinner on the town.

The Beijing Maxim's Restaurant is located on the second floor of Chong Wen Men Hotel, No.2, West Chong Wen Men Street. The restaurant saw its debut in Sept, 1983. The internal decoration of the restaurant is a vivid copy of the Maxim's Restaurant de Paris. All the peach wood sculptures and gilded ivy patterns on the walls, maple leave shaped pendant lamps and wall lamps, windows the with crystal glasses, copies of frescos of the Louvre and the Forbidden City, and the colorful stained glass windows make you feel as if in the French court of the 19th century.

There are a lobby, a cafe, and ten small salons in the restaurant. It can hold 300 people banquet, or 500 cocktail lounge or buffet. The dishes are mainly French food, such as French onion soup, goose liver sauce, pepper steak, and etc.

The cook staff includes a French Chef Alan, two masters of western style food from Beijing, and one master of western style flour refreshment from Beijing, as well as a group of cooks and waiters who were trained in Paris.


Metro: Line 2 and get off at Chongwenmen station        

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