Address: 266.PuAn Dian,Wan An Dong Lu,Haidian District Telephone: +86-10-62720130/31

"Villa Castanea" is a European-style garden club which perfectly combines Western cuisines with house-made German beer products. It is located between Jade Spring Hill and Fragrant Hill, near the Summer Palace. The design of Phase I took one whole year and was under the art direction of Jens Weber. The result is obvious: unique architecture surrounded by a natural, Western style garden landscape. The club has an area of over 16000 square meters.

Villa Castenea combines a perfect ambience with excellent food while offering reasonable prices. When visiting this place, it is really easy to forget that you are still in China – the beer tastes like being in Germany and the menu comprises absolutely authentic European food. No matter whether you try the stewed Spanish beef cheek, the grilled prawn salad or German sausages, you won’t be disappointed.