Telephone: 8610-52023800/52023808; Address: Brewery, Beihuqu, Anwaibeiyuan, Wangjing, Chaoyang District

A few kilometers away from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, there is an art garden named as "brewery Art". Once the venue of a booming brewery, but has now become a creativity industry base attracting more than one hundred galleries and art studios to gather here.

Just on the near outside of the garden, you will see a tall digital-era sculpture, Red Cyber-Venus. On entering the brewery, your discovery journey just starts: stainless steel hitching posts standing more than 10 meters high, Nike brand rugby in the shape of bomb weighing more than a few tons, Italian coffee with fresh and pure flavor, women painter with peaceful look...Everything is so wonderful that will make you feel the air here is full of the scent of pigments and the eccentricity of colors.