Address: 5, Zhubaoshi, Qianmen Dajie Metro: Line 2 and get off at Qianmen station Opening Hours: all day

Dashilan street was a commercial center of Beijing more than five hundred and eighty years ago. The name Dashilan comes from the large gates built at either end of the street during the Qing Dynasty to prevent street crime at night and as a safeguard against riots by the local Han people against the Qing. The fences built here were quite peculiar and kept for a long time.In 1900, the entire street was burnt to the ground during the Boxer uprising before it prospered again with the returning merchants.


Dashilan is situated on south of Tiananmen Square, west of Qianmen Dajie, where many century-old shops and Restaurant stand. You can buy some traditional handcrafts as well. Note that bargaining is always needed. Now its old shops and small stalls are still preferred by Beijingers.