Telephone: 8610-67133354 Address: Tian Tan East Road, East of the Temple of Heaven Bus: 6, 60, 743, 116, 106, 814, get off at Fahua Temple station Opening hours: 8:30-19:00

Hongqiao Market is the largest pearl distribution centre in North China famous for pearl ornaments both at home and abroad. There are 5 floors above the ground and 3 underground floors with a total floor area of 32,000 square meters, more than 1000 stalls and 2500 businessmen. The internal facilities of Hongqiao Market are advanced, practical and complete with high storage and transportation capacity. There are also office buildings, hotels, restaurants, multi-function halls and organizations providing banking, communication and postal services.


With the gradual implementation of the overall plan for the comprehensive development and construction of the Hongqiao Market area, a commercial area integrating commerce, trade, food and beverage, tourism and entertainment will be formed there.With reliable commodity quality, reasonable prices, thoughtful services and good reputation, Hongqiao Market welcomes foreign friends, compatriots in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and Chinese people of all circles. Beijing Hongqiao International Jewel Centre will become a jewelry fair which will never end.



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