Telephone: 8610-63034198 Address: No. 19, West Liu Li Chang Streeet, Xuanwu District Metro: Line 2 and get off at Hepingmen station

Rongbao Zhai is located in  Liu Lichang West Street with its former name as Dongzhu Zhai. In the 20th year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu in Qing Dynasty (1894), it changed its name into "Rongbao Zhai". It is always a place for people in the circle of painting and calligraphy to gather and communicate from the early period.

Rongbao Zhai is famous for its wood-block watermark printing at home and abroad. Its wood-block watermark printing is made by masters with great talent, which is the reason why any of the current printings can't compete with it. The wood-block watermark printing has a long history in China. In the early 9th year of the reign of Xiantong Emperor in Tang Dynasty (A.D. 868), a person named Wang Jie printed illustrations of Diamond Sutra with this technique and these illustrations remain until today. From the Tang Dynasty, most books are accompanied by illustrations and the process printing is available in the 16th century. In recent decades, with new improvements and achievements made on the basis of the traditional techniques, at present Rongbao Zhai can not only print Shijianxiaopin (comment or short essay inscribed on the wood or printed on the paper or silk with great exquisiteness), but also engage in complicated silk painting and monumental long book copy, which are similar to the real ones. Rongbao Zhai's products such as "Poem of Seventy-two Officials" and "Twenty-four Solar Terms Envelope", made by the wood-block watermark printing, was regarded as very outstanding products in Liu Li Chang by Lu Xun and Zheng Zhenduo.

At present, Rongbao Zhai has a large collection of authentic works and reproduced ones made with wood-block watermark printing techniques of ancient and modern painters and calligraphers. It also provides four treasures of the study (brush, ink, paper and ink stone) as well as services like mounting, processing and repairing, which brings great convenience for painters and calligraphers. Rongbao Zhai has made great achievements in booming the artistic market of painting and calligraphy and promoting international cultural exchange.


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