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Time has made countless brands famous, but there are few brands like Tongrentang that have enjoyed such a high reputation or one as long as 300 years. It was 1669, the 8th year of Emperor Kangxi's reign, when Yue Xianyang made the decision to establish his first pharmacy to better serve his patients, Tongrentang was come into being since than.


In 1702, the 41st year of Emperor Kangxi's reign, Yue Fengming inherited the business of his father, Yue Xianyang, and established a pharmacy known as Tongrentang at Dashila, Qianmen, the busiest commercial center in Beijing. In 1723, the 1st year of Emperor Yongzheng's reign, the emperor himself authorized in writing that all the Chinese patent medicine of the royal court was to be provided by Tongrentang. With the 188 year serving the royal courts, Tongrentang confirmed the brand's leading position with special qualifications and solid capital.


On February 9, 1985, the municipal government of Beijing held a grand ceremony to celebrate the 315th anniversary of Tongrentang in the Great Hall of the People under the instruction of Vice-Premier Wan Li. The leaders of the central government, the Party and the State Council showed great concern for Tongrentang, and many of them, including former Chairman Li Xiannian, Peng Zhen, former chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), former Vice-Chairman Ulanhu and former vice-premiers Wang Zhen and Bo Yibo, wrote inscriptions for Tongrentang.


In 1997, Tongrentang deepened its reform in international property systems in accordance with the gist of readjusting the shareholding system of state-owned enterprises proposed by the 15th National People's Congress. Thanks to support from the municipal government and Beijing CPC Committee, Tongrentang, led by General Manager Yin Shunhai, had the enterprise listed after optimization and restructuring. Tongrentang stock appeared on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in June 1997, when Beijing Tongrentang Co., Ltd., was established, indicating a critical step toward a modern enterprise.


Today, the company has been among China's Top 50 Listed Companies with the Greatest Potential for Development for five year running, ranking first in 2001 and 2002. It is the leader of listed companies concerning traditional Chinese medicine in China, and its shares have maintained growth of 20 percent or more. The mother group company has shared out a bonus of 289 million yuan in total with Tongrentang Co., Ltd., an increase of 126 percent over the original investment, 230 million yuan.

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