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Way back in the year 1887, when the founder of Wu Yu Tai teashops, Mr. Wu Xi Qing arrived in Beijing, he asked an old teacher to write the characters on his first teahouse sign: "Wu Yu Tai Tea Shed". Mr. Wu continued with the simple, honest Huizhou business philosophy and based his trade on his own special type of jasmine flower tea, and "Wu Yu Tai" teashops soon filled the entire city.

After the founding of New China in 1949, the former name "Wu Yu Tai Tea Shed" was changed to "Wu Yu Tai Tea Shop". As China was reborn so was a new "Wu Yu Tai".

In 1995 "Wu Yu Tai" was awarded the much sought after title of "China Time-honored BrandTraditional Chinese Business" by the National Trade Department and is now a familiar sight to every resident of Beijing.In 1997, the "Wu Yu Tai Tea Company" was founded marking another step on "Wu Yu Tai"s path to modernization.

On the 26th of August 2005, the "Beijing Wu Yu Tai Tea Corporation Limited Company" was finally founded.  With this latest move "Wu Yu Tai" is now firmly on the road to developing its market internationally. 

These different signboards symbolize how "Wu Yu Tai" was created and developed over more than 120 years- how it has grown stronger and thrived in a competitive environment. They are also witnesses to the changes "Wu Yu Tai" has undergone from a simple traditional Chinese style tea shed to a fully up-to-date new, modern tea business.

Today, "Beijing Wu Yu Tai Tea Corporation Limited Company" is a medium sized franchise business with an annual turnover in excess of 200 million RMB, owns more than 100 retail branches, one central preparation facility, one tea culture display centre, one tea ceremony team and two fully fledged tea houses.