Address: No. 101 Inner Street of Wanping City, Lugouqiao, Fengtai District, Beijing How to get there: Bus No. 339, 309, 715, 301 at Liuliqiao or take Bus No. 748, 983, 624, 759 at Wukesong to sculpture garden of Anti-Japanese War station. Telephone: +86 10 83893163

As a museum of revolutionary history, the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Museum is located near Lugouqiao in the southwestern Fengtai District of Beijing. It opened to the public on July 7, 1987.

Features: Boasting 887 exhibits, the museum shows the Prelude of the Anti-Japanese War, Strategic Defense of the War, Strategic Confrontation, Chinese War Zone of After the Breakout of the Pacific War, and Final Victory of the Anti-Japanese War. It systematically demonstrates the Chinese people's gallant fight against Japanese invaders during World War II. The Hall of Lugou Qiao Incident was opened on July 7, 1988. It is the first art hall that employs techniques of painting, sculpture, magic lantern and acoustics to exhibit important historical themes. The hall, with a semicircle screen of 16.5 meters high and 50 meters long, plays documentaries of the Lugou Incident for visitors. The Historical Materials Hall of the September 18 Incident mainly displays affidavits of the Japanese war criminals, which offers quite a number of inside stories before the war broke out. The exhibition halls of the museum also display some inscriptions from celebrities and some print, cartoons and picture posters of the Anti-Japanese War period.