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Located in the southern part of the Olympic Green, the National Indoor Stadium joins the group of landmark structures in the area, including the National Aquatics Center to the south and the National Convention Center to the north. The stadium consists of a main structure and a warm-up gym nearby and other outdoor facilities, with an overall building area of 80,900 square meters. The seating capacity of the National Indoor Stadium is 18,000. The outdoor landscaping and roadways occupy an area of 44,000 square meters.

The National Indoor Stadium will be the competition venue for the Olympic Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline, and Handball competitions and the Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball competition. On November 28, the venue will welcome the Good Luck Beijing 2007 Artistic Gymnastics International Invitational Tournament, and from November 30, 2007, to January 25, 2008, the stadium will successively hold the Good Luck Beijing sport events for trampoline, handball, and wheelchair basketball.

The creative design of the National Indoor Stadium resembles an unfurled traditional Chinese folding fan. The Chinese say that a folding fan holds a deep level of cultural detail; it is a component of Chinese culture. And the National Indoor Stadium embodies the charm of traditional Chinese architecture.

The steel roof truss of the National Indoor Stadium stretches 144 meters tall and 114 meters wide. The frame is composed of 14 steel beams weighing a total of 2,800 tons.

According to assistant general manager Shen Yongshan of Guoao Investment, the owner of the stadium, this is the longest spanning indoor, bi-directional truss string structure in China at present. The structure meets structural design elements in terms of aesthetics, safety and reliability in bearing weight, and cost.

The steel roof truss was installed using nine robots. The construction workers relied on the robots to move and join the steel truss beams.