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Overall color treatment: red triangle,blue triangle and black font. Red color represents vigor and vitality, blue symbolizes hi-tech while black makes it more solemn.

The emblem consists of three parts: the red triangle represents the exhibition and communication platform CHITEC provides while the blue triangle denotes the forward-looking and authoritative features of hi-tech. The entire emblem depicts a positive and upward force like a blazing prairie-fire, symbolizing the promotion of hi-tech and propaganda of image of hi-tech enterprises. The black fonts are used to outline the entire logo and indicate the ownership of the emblem.

The two triangles respond to each other, indicating all-directional communications of global hi-tech enterprises. The abstract and concrete of the figure complement to each other, symbolizing the multidimensionality and integrity of CHITEC and embodying the tenet of CHITEC to promote hi-tech into commercialization, industrialization and internationalization as well as the balance in achievements transformation, market expansion, information exchange and talent service.

The main part of the emblem seems upward, conveying the development trend of CHITEC—higher, boarder and deeper.

The new emblem adds English abbreviation—CHITEC. CHI means China while TEC means Technology. The abbreviation has clear definition, vivid image and good identification.