Achievements from Tsinghua Unigroup


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Hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, State Intellectual Property Office, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Beijing Municipal Government, and organized by CCPIT Beijing Branch, the 21st China Beijing International High-Tech Expo (CHITEC) will be held in Beijing from May 17 (Thursday) to May 20 (Sunday), 2018. With the theme of “Take the Lead in Hi-tech Industries and Facilitate the Development of S&T Innovation Centers”, the Expo will provide comprehensive activities, exhibitions, forums, business talks and e-exhibitions.

In the main exhibition hall of this Expo, namely, China International Exhibition Center (Old Venue), Tsinghua Unigroup will show multiple innovative achievements in chips and cloud computing in booth 1207, Hall 1B. The exhibits will include YMTC 32-tier 3D NAND Flash Memory, RDA SC9850KH, new-generation core router CR19000 and so on. In recent years, guided by national promotion policy on integrated circuit industry, and driven by both independent innovation and international cooperation, Unigroup establishes a development direction with integrated circus as the lead, focused development of mobile internet, memory chip and storage manufacturing, network cloud computing, and big data services.

Unigroup has formed a high-tech industrial chain from “chips” to “cloud” with over 10,000 independent technical patents. It has won three First Prizes and three Second Prizes in National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology, as well as one State Technological Invention Award. At present, Unigroup has become China’s largest comprehensive integrated circus company and world’s third largest mobile phone chip company.

In the chip display section of Unigroup booth, innovative achievements such as YMTC 32-tier 3D NAND Flash Memory, RDA SC9850KH, and intellectual chips will be on display. YMTC Company devoted 2 years to the development of YMTC 32-tier 3D NAND Flash Memory, China’s first 3D flash memory chip, which was a great breakthrough. RDA’s indigenous SC9850KH CPU is the first mobile phone chip with self-embedded CPU key technology in China.

It’s worth mentioning that Tongfang Microelectronics Company, subordinated to Unigroup, is the most competitive Chinese company in the global smart chip market. Its chip products play an important role in identity recognition, mobile communications, financial payment, and smart terminals, winning many firsts in the intellectual chip industry.

In the cloud computing display section of Unigroup booth, new-generation core router CR19000, H3C S12500, and H3C DataEngine will greet the visitors. CR19000 cluster router provides 100G Ethernet interfaces, with the industry’s highest density; it supports 12-frame clusters, and can even be extended to 72-frame clusters, a leader among its counterparts. H3C S12500 is also a core-switching device with the highest performance, and as an H3C flagship product, it is widely used by high-end customers such as BAT and three major operators (China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom).

In addition, H3C DataEngine can provide visualization of full-process data services, as well as management and control mechanism for the permission of sub-domain data. It is a big data product that best fits the needs of government affairs and other industries, covering fields such as government, public security, education, medical service, finance, operators, and so on.