Beijing You'an Hospital

Name: Beijing You'an Hospital (former Second Infectious Diseases Hospital of Beijing)
Grade: 3A
Tel:  0086-10-63292211
Address: 8 Xitoutiao, Outer You'anmen, Fengtai District, Beijing

With the predecessor known as the Second Infectious Disease Hospital of Beijing, the Beijing You'an Hospital was founded in 1956. It is a 3A hospital directly under the Beijing Municipal Health Center, an affiliated hospital and the 9th Clinical Medicine College of the Capital Medical University. It mainly makes diagnoses and gives treatment to patients suffer from 36 notifiable infectious diseases except for tuberculosis, and ranks the top in terms of size for clinical hepatology. It has earned a remarkable reputation for its advanced techniques in treating common infectious diseases and severe ones at home and abroad. For years, it has been contributing a lot to the prevention of infectious diseases in China.

In order to provide definite diagnosis, scientific treatment, standardized management and systematic monitoring for those with autoimmune liver disease, Beijing You'an Hospital specially set up the Center for Clinical Research of Autoimmune Liver Disease on Oct. 26, 2008. The Center shall provide personalized treatment plan for partial patients with autoimmune Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, alcoholic Hepatitis or adiposis Hepatitis, and shall make further research and diagnosis on the hepatitis caused by other reasons combined with autoimmune phenomena.