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The List of 96 Hospitals with Infectious Disease Department in Beijing

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Currently, 96 second tier and above hospitals in Beijing have set up Infectious Disease Department, where people with high body temperature shall go and have a fever screening from today.


This move shall effectively prevent the large-scale spread of the epidemic and cross infection, and meanwhile guarantee the efficiency of fever screening.


The 96 hospitals are:

Dongcheng District

Beijing Tongren Hospital

Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Beijing No. 6 Hospital

Beijing HepingliHospital


Dongzhimen Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Beijing Longfu Hospital


Xicheng District

Peking University First Hospital

Peking University People's Hospital

Fu Xing Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical Hospital

Beijing Children's Hospital

Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital

The Second Hospital of Beijing

Chongwen District

Beijing Chongwen First People's Hospital

Beijing Tiantan Hospital

Beijing Puren Hospital


Xuanwu District


Beijing Friendship Hospital

Beijing Xuanwu Hospital

Guang'anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Science

Beijing Prison Administration Bureau Qinghe Branch Hospital


Beijing Prison Administration Bureau Central Hospital


Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Xuanwu District 

Beijing Health Palace Hospital


Chaoyang District


Beijing Ditan Hospital

Hua Xin Hospital First Hospital of Tsinghua University

Wangjing Hospital of CACMS

Wujing Beijing Zongdui Hospital

China Meitan General Hospital

Civil Aviation General Hospital

Children's Hospital Attached to the Capital

Beijing Anzhen Hospital of the Capital University of Medical Science

Beijing Chao Yang Hospital

China-Japan Friendship Hospital

Beijing Chaoyang Second Hospital

Chuiyangliu Hospital

Center Hospital of Aviation Industry

Beijing Capital International Airport Hospital

Beijing Chaoyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Third Affiliated Hospital, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Haidian District

Beijing Haidian Hospital

Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

302 Military Hospital of China

Second Affiliated Hospital, General Hospital of PLA

Peking University Third Hospital

Beijing Geriatric Hospital

General Hospital of Armed Police Forces

Beijing Cancer Hospital

Beijing Shijitan Hospital

Peking University First Hospital

The Central Hospital of China Aerospace Corporation

Beijing Hospital of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine

Beijing Shangdi Hospital

Beijing Social Welfare Hospital

Beijing Zhongguancun Hospital

Beijing Ministry of Water Conservancy Hospital

Tsinghua University Hospital


Fengtai District


Beijing Electric Power Hospital

Beijing You'an Hospital, Capital Medical University

Beijing Fengtai Hospital

BeijingAerospace General Hospital

China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp. 731 Hospital

Beijing Fengtai Tieying Hospital

China Rehabilitation Research Center

Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine subsidiary Dongfang Hospital

Beijing Changxindian Hospital


Shijingshan District


Peking University Shougang Hospital

The Affiliated Yuquan Hospital of Tsinghua University

Beijing Worker's Sanatorium

Beijing Shijingshan Hospital

Fangshan District


Beijing Yanhua Hospital

The First Hospital of Fangshan District, Beijing

Beijing Fangshan Liangxiang Hospital

China National Nuclear Beijing 401 Hospital

Beijing Fangshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital


Mentougou District


Beijing Jingmei Group General Hospital

Mentougou District Hospital

Mentougou Zhaitang Hospital


Daxing District


Beijing Daxing District Hongxing Hospital

Beijing Renhe Hospital

Beijing Daxing People's Hospital


Tongzhou District


Beijing Chest Hospital

Tongzhou Luhe Hospital

Beijing Tongzhou Woman & Child Hospital

Tongzhou Geriatrics Hospital

Tongzhou Xinhua Hospital


Shunyi District


Beijing Shunyi Hospital of China Medical University


Huairou District


Beijing Huairou the First Hospital


Pinggu District


Pinggu District Hospital

Beijing Pinggu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Changping District


Red Cross Beijiao Hospital of Changping

Beijing Changping Nankou Railway Hospital

Changping District Hospital

Changping Nankou Railway Hospital

Changping Shahe Hospital

Changping Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Yanqing District


Yanqing County Hospital


Miyun District


Miyun County Hospital




Source: ebeijing.gov.cn
Date: 2009-05-18