Beijing Reports Fourth Imported A(H1N1) Confirmed Flu Patient

Beijing Health Bureau has recently announced an A(H1N1) confirmed flu patient reported by Beijing Municipality on May 22, the fourth imported confirmed patient that has ever been reported in the city. 

The patient, a Mr. Li, aged 65, an American Chinese, reached in Beijing from New York via the CA982 flight. Found at a temperature of 37.5℃ during the entry quarantine, he was immediately taken to Ditan Hospital for separate therapy. 

On May 22, Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention detected the throat swab for the patient, and submitted the result to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention for review. Both centers have found the positive nucleic acid value for A(H1N1) flu. Based on the clinical performance, the epidemiological investigation and the laboratory detection result, the expert team of Beijing Municipality has confirmed the patient as an A(H1N1) flu patient according to the diagnosis and treatment plan formulated by the Ministry of Health. 

At present, the patient has a normal temperature, stable disease status and steady vital signs. The local health authority has taken those with close contact with the patient to the designated place for medical observation, but no discomfort symptoms have been found.

Relevant information has been reported to the Ministry of Health and Beijing Municipal People's Government.




[source:Beijing Municipal Health Bureau]