An A(H1N1) Flu Suspected Case in Beijing Confirmed

Beijing Health Bureau announced at 23:15 of May 24 that an A(H1N1) flu suspected case, surnamed Zhang, reported early has been diagnosed as a confirmed case, the fifth imported confirmed case that has so far been reported in Beijing City. 

On May 24, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention detected the throat swab for the suspected case, which showed the positive nucleic acid value for A(H1N1) flu virus. Based on the clinical performance, the epidemiological investigation and the laboratory detection result, the expert team of Beijing Municipality has confirmed the patient as an A(H1N1) flu patient according to the diagnosis and treatment plan formulated by the Ministry of Health. 


Five persons with close contact with the case have been taken to the designated place for medical observation, no discomfort symptoms found.

Relevant information has been reported to the Ministry of Health and Beijing Municipal People's Government.

In an effort to strengthen the A(H1N1) flu control and prevention, the local public traffic sector has taken the measure to sterilize all the operating vehicles and stops since early May. 


Considering the subway the confirmed patient took on May 22, the health authority and the subway operator are now trying to search the passengers with close contact with the patient in the same coach of the train, and adopted the overall measure to sterilize the platforms of Haidianhuangzhuang Station, World Trade Center Station and Jinsong Station as well as the train.  

The local public traffic sector will continue sterilizing all the stops and vehicles, and strengthen the air change and ventilation for buses and subway stations. 



[source:Beijing Municipal Health Bureau]