A(H1N1) Flu Control & Prevention Brief for Beijing Municipality as of May 23

According to the information from Beijing Health Bureau, 4 confirmed A(H1N1) flu cases had been reported in Beijing Municipality as of 16:00PM of May 23, and 1 case had recovered and left hospital. No new A(H1N1) flu cases, either suspected or confirmed, had been reported. 

As of 16:00PM of May 23, the designated hospitals had accumulatively received 189 cases with pyrexia for concentrated medical observation, 166 cases had left hospital and 23 cases were now hospitalized. Thereof, Ditan Hospital had medically observed 175 cases including 157 cases that had left hospital and 18 cases that were hospitalized. Thereof, You'an Hospital had medically observed 9 cases including 9 cases that had left hospital and 0 cases were hospitalized. Thereof, 302 Hospital had medically observed 5 cases including 0 cases that had left hospital and 5 cases were hospitalized. All the cases accepting the medical observation showed the stable disease status, and no serious cases had been found. 

As of 16:00PM of May 23, two concentrated medical observation sites in Beijing Municipality had received 394 cases, and discharged the medical observation on 333 cases. Now, 61 cases are accepting the concentrated medical observation. 



[source:Beijing Municipal Health Bureau]