Participate in Public Activities

The public are recommended to note the following issues in order to prevent Influenza A(H1N1) and other infectious diseases when participating in pubic activities: 
1. Before the activity:

If there is any discomfort, in particular the symptoms of the respiratory infection like pyrexia and/or coughing and sneezing, the person shall not participate in the activity, but see a doctor as soon as possible.

Always keep the hands clean, and be sure to wash hands after contacting public objects or facilities.

Take handkerchiefs or paper tissues.

2. During the activity:

Maintain the good personal hygiene. When sneezing or sniveling, use a paper tissue to cover the mouth and nose, and then wash the hands immediately with liquid soap to prevent droplets from spreading bacteria.

Be sure to wash hands before touching the eyes, mouth or nose, before dining and after using the lavatory.

Wash hands with liquid soap, and then dry the hands with paper tissues or drying equipment.

If there is no hand washing equipment, use the liquid soap containing 65~95% alcohol to sterilize the hands.

Don't spit freely or litter. Sputum must be packed with a paper tissue, and the paper tissue must be thrown into a dustbin. Garbage shall be put into a dustbin.
Don't smoke.

3. After the activity:

Keep the hands clean.

After returning home, be sure to have a bath and wash the head to remove the dirt and bacteria on the body.