part 3
    • Strive together towards a planet free of pollution

      Acting Executive Director of UN Environment Programme
      For years, Beijing had the unhappy distinction of being a polluted city. How quickly things can change. In just five years, fine particle levels in Beijing and the surrounding region fell by around 35% and 25% respectively. read more>

    • Fresh experience and lessons

      Director General of Beijing Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau
      Winter of 2017 was a moment of triumph and milestone for the city of Beijing in our war against air pollution. Decades of hard work and mounting more>

    Review and Outlookread more>
    Air Quality Systemread more>
    Emission Controlread more>
    part 8
    Supportread more>
    Co-ordinate air pollution control measures

    Besides enhancing local air pollution control, Beijing also actively sought to co-ordinate air pollution control measures with the surrounding areas. read more>

    Economic incentives and financial support

    In the past 20 years, Beijing has gradually established a number of local environmental- economic policies, including subsidies, fees, pricing, and other financial more>

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