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About Yanging

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About Yanging

Yanqing County is the summer escape resort and the agricultural base of Beijing. It is located northwest of Beijing, 74 km (46 mi) from the urban city, neighboring Huairou, Changping districts and Huailai, Chicheng counties in Hebei Province. The area is about 2,000 sq km (772 sq mi) with a population of 276,000.

Yanqing, known in ancient times as Gui River, and Guizhou were once home to ancient civilization and generations of local people. Yanqing, a beautiful home, is the result of combining the beauty of nature, people and ecology. Beauty also lies in the unity of physical landscapes and inner beauty. "Beautify Yanqing" is the aim of ecological progress.

The beauty of Yanqing lies in nature. Its unique geographical environment offers both the magnificence of large rivers and towering mountains and the gentleness of Yangtze River scenes. Winding mountains and clear waters are both creations of Mother Nature.

The summer in Haituo Mountain is rainy. The Guishui River winds through the mountains like a jade belt. The Longqing Gorge valley zigzags. Dishuihu and Wulongxia waterfalls offer magnificent views. Baihepu Reservoir and Guanting Reservoir are like large lakes on tall mountains.

The beauty of Yanqing lies in its ecology. Reputed as one of China's most ecologically-friendly regions, Yanqing has unique ecological resources and great potential for future development. With wood coverage as high as 74% and forest coverage of 57.8%, Yanqing is the most important ecological barrier in northwest Beijing. Yanqing boasts of an excellent ecological environment and makes an ideal, ecologically-friendly place for people to live in, with its green waters and mountains, blue skies and white clouds, forests and grassland, wetlands, flowers, birds and other animals, fish and insects. The ecological beauty of Yanqing has attracted increasing attention from both home and abroad and provides Yanqing with unprecedented development opportunities.

Source: horti-expo2019.org
Date: 2017-11-21