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Creation: novel originality inspiring mind

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Creation: novel originality inspiring mind

"The International Horticultural Exposition not only shows the development success of China, but Chinese people's fulfillment of new development concepts as well. In the exposition, the century-honored garden culture and gardening tradition of China will be integrated to create new hosting concept and method. The frugality spirit will be insisted to attract and enlighten people with novel originalities, so as to left behind some valuable spiritual assets. Taking this opportunity, green production, green conception, and green life shall be widely publicized to arouse the green awareness of the public. Advanced hosting experience and gardening concept of countries around the globe will be used for reference. Rules of International Horticultural Exposition be observed, thus to make the hosting process more professional, regular, and international."

Beijing has advantaged technical and innovation centers to provide tourists with unique and diversified participation and interaction experience. Drawing support from the latest information technology, a smart horticultural exhibition will be hosted. Latest smart terminal display technologies, such as holographic projection, 360-degree spherical display, and wearable mobile terminal will be utilized to enrich exhibition modes. There are also environmental and high-yield household gardening activities for fun, enabling everyone to experience the fun of gardening.

Source: horti-expo2019.org
Date: 2017-11-21