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Green: low-carbon, environmental utilization

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Green: low-carbon, environmental utilization

In a modern society advocating ecological civilization, Beijing Expo2019 will become a vivid practice of constructing beautiful China and realizing green life.
Wide countryside and luxuriant forest, Beijing Expo 2019 is a green ocean. Meanwhile, Beijing Expo 2019 will also become a platform to promote green production, green consumption, and green living concept. The park advocates green traffic, which is mainly oriented to walking, bicycle, and electro-mobile. With regard to different visiting demand, water route, cycling route, "3 hours-7 hours-2 days", and other featured tourist routes will be designed.

In order to create more comfortable and pleasant visiting environment and to highlight the characteristics of the gardening, the shade visiting experience will be focally emphasized in Beijing Expo 2019. As for this, parking place under the shade is planned in the Park, which makes use of existing natural poplar grove to build the zone for security check. Along main tourist routes, shade landscape streets are designed to provide all kinds of shade space for waiting, resting, and passing. The 8-km Gui River Ecological Leisure Belt is planned to form a natural riverside leisure oxygen bar.

Source: horti-expo2019.org
Date: 2017-11-21