What is the "Lianghui"?

Both CPPCC National Committee and NPC plenary sessions are often called the " Lianghui" (Two Meetings), making important level political decisions.

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    NPC (The National People's Congress):

    the China's version of the legislative branch of government, meets once a year for about 10 days in March.

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    CPPCC (The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference):

    meets at the same time as the NPC, is a political advisory body.

The two meetings are established in provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, towns, ethnic townships etc.
The "Beijing Lianghui" are the local top level meetings which closed Jan 20th 2017. The "National Lianghui" is scheduled in March in Beijing.

Who attends and what are their main functions?

2017 Beijing “Lianghui”

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FAQ about “Lianghui”