Beijing Miyun

  • Beijing WTown

    Beijing WTown, located in Gubeikou Town, Miyun County, Beijing, backs on the most beautiful and most precipitous Simatai Great Wall. It hosts Yuanyanghu Reservoir as a natural ancient village integrating mountain, water and city as “Great Wall + Ancient Town” rare in the suburb of Beijing. It is about 1.5 hours to drive to both Capital Airport Port and Beijing, and about 45 minutes to drive to Miyun County and Chengde City.

    Beijing WTown
  • Bei Zhuang Town

    Bei Zhuang Town is located in the northeast of Miyun County, 110 km away from the city. The town has 41 villages with a population of 8867 people. The town has all the facilities of a modern city with the advantage of having a cool climate and good air quality. It is surrounded by mountains and is located close to the river valley so it has a beautiful environment with spectacular scenery.

    Bei Zhuang Town
  • Simatai Great Wall

    Simatai Great Wall is the only great wall with the original appearance of Ming Dynasty, known as “Original Great Wall” by UNESCO. The great wall is located at a precipitous and cliffy area. Meanwhile, the road from outside Gubeishui Town Resort to the great wall is under construction.

    Simatai Great Wall
  • Taoyuanxian Valley

    Taoyuanxian Valley, as scenic resort in Beijing, is located 90km away from Beijing. The Resort stretches from Miyun Reservoir in the east to the summit of Mountain View Terrace in the west, covering 16km2in total. It holds over 70 scenic spots, including "one lake, six waterfalls and thirteen pools”, “three peaks and four connected caves”, “a Chinese dragon with a closer look” and “wonderful cloud sea”, etc.

    Taoyuanxian Valley