Beijing Miyun

Miyun Economic Development Zone

Miyun Economic Development Zone, located in the southwest of Miyun County, borders on Jing-Cheng Expressway to the south, No. 101 National Trunk Road to the north, Huairou to the west and Miyun County to the east.


Financial insurance: The Development Zone has a Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, China Construction Bank and other financial service institutions. They have achieved a large savings networking, interbank deposit and withdrawal, inter-regionsettlement satellite transmission and urban &rural service networking. They have started an internal foreign exchange business with experiential and professional teams to serve enterprises. On business registration, the foreign-funded enterprises shall choose a bank to open foreign exchange capital account and general RMB account. The Zone has China People's Insurance, China Ping An Insurance, Social Labor Insurance and many other insurance institutions and provide complete insurance business to the enterprises and individuals.

Human resources: Miyun has a large quantity and quality of professional and technical talents with high quality as well as aTraining School of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in the Zone to provide needed technical staff to the enterprises. Miyun has eighteen institutions for higher education and all kinds of vocational training schools to provide the enterprises with nearly 10,000 professionals and technicians each year. With remarkable research and HR advantage, Miyun Economic Development Zone, as China's High-tech Industry Base approved by the Ministry of Education Department, hosts research and production bases of nearly twenty universities from all parts of China. Being so close to Zhongguancun Park, the Zone has achieved sharing of human resources with Zhongguancun to a great extent.

Labor costs: With labor salary not lower than the local salary standard, the workers are independently recruited by the enterprises. If the local labor cannot meet the demand of enterprises, the latter can apply to recruit labor from other regions. Recruit probation is 3-6 months, during which the salary is determined by the enterprises. On full employment, the employees shall be filed with labor authorities for pension insurance, housing public accumulation fund, unemployment subsidy and other procedures.

Habitat: The supporting service area developed by the Economic Development Zone Real Estate Company has largely taken shape with a reasonable layout of villa area, senior officers' apartment area and employees’ living area. Phase III has a 120,000m² of comprehensive estate block located by the scenic Chaobai River; Phase I has 3 completely furnished apartments; in the neighborhood of the Zone exist Taiyang Jiayuan, Changan Community, Midong Plaza, Mingzhu Jiayuan and more than ten estate blocks covering nearly 1 million m².
Education: It is planned to construct high-level international schools. Around the Development Zone are such key middle schools as Miyun No.1 Middle School and Miyun No.2 Middle School (as Beijing Key School), No.6 Primary School and No.6 Middle School. In the Development Zone there are two vocational training centers to provide all kinds of talents for enterprises of the Development Zone.

Medical care: The Development Zone has Beijing Cerebrovascular Disease Hospital with advanced medical equipment, in addition to the neighboring Miyun County Hospital, Miyun Chinese Traditional Medicine Hospital and Miyun Hospital Maternity and Child Care Hospital. Theses comprehensive medical institutions with distinctive characteristics will provide quality service to employees of enterprises in the Zone.

Transport: The Development Zone is close to No. 101 Trunk Road. Jing-Cheng Expressway sets an exit at the Development Zone. It is 3km from Miyun, Tongjunzhuang Village and Xiaotangzhuang Village Railway Station. The convenient traffic conditions provide passenger and cargo transportation to enterprises in the Zone.

Leisure: In the northeast of the Development Zone is picturesque Miyun Reservoir, in the northwest are the famous Heilong Pool and the First Waterfall of the Capital. In the southeast is the new-type Nanshan Ski Field, which has become a new entertainment resort in North China. East Yongligong Business Club located in the Development Zone is a comprehensive high-class hotel integrating entertainment, accommodation and restaurant. The Zone borders on the four-star Yunhu Vacation Resort, Yunfoshan Vocation and many other scenic resorts.The first five-star hotel in the suburb of Beijing, RGHCM Garden Resorts, is located in the east of the Development Zone. Many entertainment facilities provide ideal living and entertainment places for enterprises settling in the Zone. It also has large entertainment centers, supermarkets, bath centers and comprehensive restaurants for comprehensive service to the enterprises in the Development Zone.