Beijing Miyun

Taoyuanxian Valley

Taoyuanxian Valley, as scenic resort in Beijing, is located 90km away from Beijing. The Resort stretches from Miyun Reservoir in the east to the summit of Mountain View Terrace in the west, covering 16km² in total. It holds over 70 scenic spots, including "one lake, six waterfalls and thirteen pools”, "three peaks and four connected caves”, "a Chinese dragon with a closer look” and “wonderful cloud sea”, etc. They constitute a natural landscape gallery of Xanadu. The whole resort is covered by rolling mountains, serene valleys and dense forest, known for its beautiful lake, waterfalls, pools, caves and trees. Distinctive scenes in all seasons are very pleasant to both the eyes and the mind. It has bright peach blossoms and other wild flowers covering the mountains in the spring. It has a cool mountain wind against the heat in the summer; rich fruits in the summer; and snow-covered land and hanging icefalls as a resort for physical exercise in the winter. In Taoyuanxian Valley, there are over 50 registered folk culture farm houses for food, accommodation and entertainment for the tourists in agricultural Shiwaitaoyuan Resort, Taoyuanxian Valley Resort, Taoyuan Restaurant and Nan Shi Cheng Village.


Grade: AAAA
Ticket: RMB45
Opening hours: 8:00-18:00
Telephone: 0086-10-61025309/61025667
Expected sightseeing time: 3 hours

1. Drive along Jing-Shun Road to Jing-Mi Road and then straight along Mi-Xi Road and follow the sign of Liu-Xin Road to hit Taoyuanxian Valley;
2. Drive along Jing-Cheng Expressway to the exit of Miyun Toll Station, then Miyun Reservoir and then straight to Taoyuanxian Valley.

Public transport
1. Take a train from Beijing North Station to Shitang Road Station 2km away from the resort, and then take a taxi to the Resort;
2. Take Bus 980 or 987 from Dongzhimen Bus Station to Miyun Grand Theater, and then take a taxi to the resort.