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Simatai Great Wall

Simatai Great Wall is the only great wall with the original appearance of Ming Dynasty, known as “Original Great Wall” by UNESCO. The Great Wall is located at a precipitous and cliffy area. Meanwhile, the road from outside Gubeishui Town Resort to the Great Wall is under construction. To ensure safety of the tourists and minimize affect on the existing Great Wall, since January 31, 2014, the individual tourists to Simatai Great Wall shall reserve and tour in batches. Each batch is collectively led by the working staff and orderly walk to the foot of the great wall. As a result, the individual tourists are expected to make reservation before touring to Simatai Great Wall.


1. Time of reservation: One day early;

2. Reservation instruction: Register by real name and reserve ticket to the next day or within 10 days;

3. Batches of tour reservation: Two batches, 10:00 or 14:00, beyond which no tickets and tour schedule are available;

4. Means of reservation: Online (;

5. On successful reservation, the working staff will send SMS of “successful reservation" to the reservation guests;

6. Redeem ticket to Simatai Great Wall by the SMS of “successful reservation" and valid ID certification at the designated window during the day of tour;

7. Open hours of Simatai Great Wall: 9:00 – 16:30. No ticket redemption is allowed after 14:00. So far, towers 1-10 east of the reservoir are open to the tourists;

8. Charge of tour to Simatai Great Wall: RMB40/person for entrance ticket (subject to reservation for individuals), RMB100/person for tour guide, RMB 80/person for great wall cable (one-way) and RMB120/person for cableway (two-way). See notice at the site for any preference.