Badachu Park

As a national AAAA Tourist Area, Badachu Park is located in the south foothills of well-known Beijing Xishan (Western Hills) Scenic Area. As one of the top-priority municipal protected cultural relic sites in Beijing since the founding of the P.R.China, Badachu Park has been a garden-based Buddhist temple, which is endowed with time-honored history, everlasting reputation and pleasant natural landscape.Badachu Park is surrounded by Cuiwei Hill (the remaining chain of Western Hills), Pingpo Hill and Lushi Hill. These three hills are shaped like a chair. Eight ancient temples spread over these three hills, forming a famous natural sight of Twelve Landscapes.

In recent years, Badachu Park is the best place for mounting climbing, body-building, leisure and recreation. According to the mountain features, four mountain climbing routes have been designed in Badachu Park. Climbing fans can select a favorite route. Every spring, Badachu Chinese Garden & Tea Culture Festival is held in April and the Badachu Mounting-climbing Fair is held on the Chongyang Festival. A Chinese calendar festival is also staged in October. Without exception, all the activities attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

Best View Inside the Park
Badachu Park is world-renowned due to the tooth relic (the sacred sharira of Sakyamuni Buddha) preserved in two Lingguang Temples.The oldest temple in these eight ancient temples is Bachu Zhengguo Temple, its construction lasting from the late Sui Dynasty to the Early Tang Dynasty. Much further construction lasted through the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.The largest temple is Xiangjie.Temple-a temporary imperial palace for Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Qianlong on their brief stays.Although Badachu Park was named after these eight ancient temples,some stone inscriptions engraved on the cliffs can date back to as early as the Ming Dynasty, have become the ninth attraction site in Badachu Park since their discovery in 2000.A large number of stone inscription hobbyists and Buddhists have come in a continuous stream to visit.

Travel Tips
Address:South foothill of Beijing Xishan Scenic Area
Bus:389/958/709/972/622/347 to Badachu Stop