Li Dai Di Wang Miao (Temple of Past Emperors)

As the national 2A level scenic spot in Xicheng District, Li Dai Di Wang Miao is a royal temple to worship the past emperors. The architecture of the temple is grand and well preserved.

The main hall of the temple is Jing De Chong Sheng Dian. The layout in the main hall is rehabilitated according to that of Qianlong Period (1736-1795). In the center of the hall are Tablets of Sovereigns and Five Emperors – the common ancestors of Chinese people. The Tablets of the past emperors are laid out on the right and left. The layout of the main hall reproduces the solemn ritual scenes for the audience to visit and to pay respects. The history exhibition on Li Dai Di Wang Miao and the ritual character exhibition in the side halls on the east and west give tourists a chance to get to know the development of the temple and the creation, the development and the improvement process of the sacrifice system. In addition, the exhibition of Sovereigns and Five Emperors and on Chinese family names and the exhibition of Guan Gong Culture offer a deeper understanding of Sovereigns, Five Emperors and famous historical figures.

Travel Tips
Ticket price: ¥20
Address: No. 131 Fuchengmen Street in Xicheng District, Beijing
By Bus:
To White Pagoda Temple stop by Bus No. 101, 102, 103, 13, 42, 409, 603, 709, 812, 814, 823, 846 or 850