Pediment Festival in the Baiwangshan Mountain

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"Peach blossoms just begin to bloom in the temple on the mountain after flowers wither in April." The pediment festival has opened in the Baiwanshan Mountain. Peach and apricot blossoms bloom all over the mountain and look like a white sea from afar, just like Beijing's famous scene--"snow under a clear sky in the west mountain".

Features: Pediments blooming with rich fragrance all over the mountain

Time of enjoying the beauty of the flowers: Every March to May

Admission: 6 yuan/person, 3 yuan/person for students, old people, soldiers and the handicapped with valid certificates

Tel: 010-62884508

Add: No. 19, Hubeikou, Heishan, Haidian District, Beijing

How to arrive there: By Special Bus 6 at Beijing West Railway Station through to the Baiwanshan Mountain; By Special Bus 4 at Qianmen through to there; By Temporary Suburban Railway. 9 to reach there from Shangdi; By Bus 716, 718, Yuntong 112, 903, 933, 968 or 330 to Heishan Hubeikou or Baiwangshan Mountain at the gate of the park.

Opening and close time of the park: 8:00-17:00