Cherry Blossoms Culture Festival in the Yuyuantan Park

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Yuyuantan Park lies in Haidian District and is not far from CCTV Tower and the China Millennium Monument. The park is 1820-meters wide and 1106 meters long, occupying 136.69 hectares with 61 hectares of that water. Yuyuantan Park is a tourist draw from April through to early May every year as it has beautiful cherry blossoms. There are around 199,500 plants including about 2000 cherry trees of over 20 different species, many of which were gifts from Japan when the two countries re-opened diplomatic ties in the 1970s. Other blossoming trees such as peach are also found, as well as tulip flowers. The park hosts an annual cherry blossom festival in April. The lake is also popular for boating, and it is possible to get a boat from here to the Summer Palace.  A swimming area and cafes are also located within the park.

Time of enjoying the beauty of the flowers: First stage: early cherry blossoms: late March, and only 7 days for appreciation.
                         Second stage: late cherry blossoms: from mid April to late April
Admission: 10 yuan/person during the cherry blossom festival
      Ordinary time: 2yuan/person. The seniors of 65 years old and above can visit the Park free with the senior certificates for preferential treatment (excluding the gardens in the park as well as occasions when big events are held).
Tel: Management and Operation Department of the Yuyuantan Park: 88653804/06 (24 hours), 88653833/3806
Add: No. 10, the 3rd Ring Middle Rd, Haidian District, Beijing (Yuyuantan)
How to arrive there:
To East gate: By Bus 68, 320, 114 or 717 and get off at Yuyuantan Stop;
To South gate: By Bus 1, 4, or 728 or by Subway and get off at the Military Museum Stop;
To West gate: By Bus 300 and get off at Hangtian Bridge; or By Bus 8 Special, 332 Branch, 368, 323 or 374, (get off at the Bayi Lake from south to north, and at Fucheng Rd from north to south)
To the West gate under the bridge: By Bus 40
Opening time: from 6:00 am (the park opens) to 8:30 pm (ticket office closes).
Surrounding restaurants: Xihua Hotel Yuetan Branch, Jinyu Wanhao Restaurant, Jintai Shengdayuan Restaurant