Plum Blossom Festival in the Wall Park of Ming Dynasty

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Located in the central area of the city, it is an exquisite park in Beijing and 3 km from the city center, extending from the southeast turret of the city wall to the Chongwen Gate in the west. It's a scenic spot of ancient ruins. In light of the natural appearance of the wall relics and styles and characteristics of various green scenes, the scenes with the themes of "old trees and the wall of the Ming Dynasty", "strolling along the wall relics", "new charm of the ancient turret" have been built from the west to the east to fully exhibit the cultural connotations and historical style and features of the ancient wall of the Ming Dynasty. The phase-II greening construction was carried out in the park in 2003, where more than 300 trees with beautiful flowers or leaves were planted to rich the botanic varieties, such as ginkgo biloba, prunus davidiana, prunus armeniaca, lagerstroemia, koelreuteria paniculata and magnolias, as well as more than 100,000 seasonal flowers (such as marigolds and petunias) and perennials (e.g. iris and day lily flowers ) was grown, to build scenes and scenic spots with features like "100-years-old ruts', "sea mountain reflecting the beauty", "purple jade in commemoration of the ancient times", "prunus armeniaca today" and "Japanese pagoda trees shading the wall" and form its unique scenic effects.

Time of enjoying the beauty of the flowers: every March

Admission: free for the city wall and 10 yuan/person for the turret

Tel: 010-65270574

Add: No. 9, Chongwenmen East St., Chongwen District, Beijing, also called the Dongbianmen turret

How to arrive there: by Special Bus 2, Bus 25, 29, 39, 43, 44, 59, 434, 713 or 820 to Dongbianmen Stop.