Clove Festival in the Jietai Temple

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The Jietai Temple, located on the side of the Maanshan Mountain in the southwest of Mentougou District and 25 km away from the downtown of Beijing, is a humanistic tourist scenic spot for viewing temple culture. A great number of steles and grand temple buildings stand in the temple, including nearly 70 steles recording the history of the Jietai Temple, as well as the Abbot Courtyard, the Nangong Courtyard, the Peony Courtyard, etc. Also, there are many old famous trees and flowers, such as 83 national-level old trees, the most famous of which are the 10 Top pines, e.g. the Wolong Pine. These trees have experienced various weathers for years and formed special shapes to become the objects of praise for literati in all dynasties. There are 20 old clove trees bestowed by the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. In the spring, cloves, peonies and weigelas bloom and complete one another for beauty in the garden to make a fairyland for tourists.

Time of enjoying the beauty of the flowers: April to May

Admission: 35 yuan/adult, half price for those with certificates of the senior, officers' certificates, students' certificates and certificates for the handicapped and free of charge for students under 1.2 m.

Tel: 010-69805941or switchboard 69802232

Add: at the foot of the Maanshan Mountain in the southwest of Mentougou District, Beijing

How to arrive there: By Subway to the Pingguoyuan Station, and then by Bus 931 to the Jietai Temple Stop.