Methods for Preserving Your Health in Spring

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Washing your hands can frequently prevent flu in spring

Although it gets warmer in spring, the temperature fluctuates and people are likely to be affected by flu viruses if they are just a little careless. Hence some experts suggest the most useful method for preventing flu—washing hands frequently.

Studies show hand–to-hand touch is the primary method for transmitting flu viruses since there are a lot of viruses on the hands of flu patients. Healthy people become carriers of viruses themselves after they shake hands with flu patients and viruses will enter their respiratory systems if they touch their noses with their hands. The completion of this process is extremely natural and many people are infected with flu in this way unconsciously. Therefore the key to preventing flu is washing hands frequently and washing them carefully with soap or hand sanitizers because there is a layer of oily substance on the surface of flu viruses, which cannot be removed just by water and can only be dissolved with soaps or hand sanitizers.

Preventing "allergies" in Spring

In spring, people take off their thick winter clothes and feel fresh and cool. However it is annoying that allergies sneak behind them and make them restless. Hence friends who are allergic are reminded here to take especial care so as to ward off allergies.

How can you prevent an allergy to pollen? You should eat the least food with high protein and high calories as possible and eat less refined food. People who have an allergic history should try not to go to places where flowers, grass and trees are abundant. These people should not smell flowers and grass and they should take desensitization drugs, such as diphenhydramine and astemizole with them. If they have itchy skin, run a fever, cough or are breathless, they should leave these places immediately. If their symptoms are light, they may take diphenhydramine or astemizole. If there is the symptom of asthma, they should go to a hospital quickly.

Using Food to stop "sleepiness in spring"

People will feel tired, i.e. "sleepy in spring" because of changes in the temperature at the turn of seasons. If you nurse your health by food, "sleepiness in spring" can be stopped and you will become energetic.

1. Take more calories in your breakfast. Cultivate the habit of taking many calories from food every morning to supply ample calories for the body.

2. Oily dishes can make people feel tired after meals and the signs are lowered body temperature and blood sugar, low mood and low work efficiency. Therefore it is suitable to take light and bland food in spring.

3.  Take enough protein. Protein is composed of various amino acids and therein tyrosine is the main ingredient of the chemical substance which keeps the brain alert. Therefore people should take protein from lean meat, chickens, fish and low-fat dairy products and this can help boost people's energy.

4.  Eat more fruits and drink fruit juice. Fruits contain abundant potassium, which is one of the major mineral substances conducive to keeping the moisture content in cells. Raisins, oranges, bananas and apples are all rich in this mineral substance.